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Please read the information below and Contact a Permitted Category II Wildlife Rehabilitator if you need further advice or help.

Adult Opossums: If an adult opossum has been hit by a car, and you feel comfortable and safe doing so, check to see if there are babies in its pouch. Viable young can often be saved by wildlife rehabilitators.

Baby Opossums: Baby opossums are born as embryos, barely larger than a bee, and spend about two months nursing in their mother’s pouch. When they get to be about three to four inches long and start riding around on their mother's back, they may fall off without the mother noticing. As a general rule, if an opossum is over seven inches long (not including the tail), they're old enough to be on their own. If they're less than seven inches long (not including the tail), they are likely orphaned and you should contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

(Excerpted from the Humane Society)