Help! I found a...


Please read the information below and if you feel the animal needs help text 513-409-1331 

While not everyone loves snakes, it is important to recognize that they serve an important role in the ecosystem by keeping the rodent population in check and providing a food source for other wildlife. 

Homeowners sometimes come across snakes when doing yard work, and occasionally accidents with lawn mowers and trimmers do happen. 

Carefully snapping a quick picture of the animal can help aid in species identification. (Please note that it would be extremely rare to find a venomous snake in our area! Anything with a mouth, however, can bite, so wearing gloves is a good idea.) Then if you feel comfortable containing the injured snake, you can use a shovel or rake and gently transfer the animal into an old pillowcase. Tie a knot on the end and you have a virtually escape-proof transporting solution.  Keep the animal in a warm, dark, quiet spot away from children and pets and send us a text at 513-409-1331.